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It’s time to put away the shorts and say goodbye to the flip-flops, because summer is well and truly over. In many cases we much prefer Autumn though at Jon Barrie, the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, there is a certain something about the season which we love. Of course it provides an excellent chance to redo your entire wardrobe, so it’s time to think about those comfy jumpers, bigger jackets and comfortable footwear. At Jon Barrie we give you the opportunity to find your perfect autumn style from a host of the most the iconic and stylish fashion brands. We’ve put this blog together to showcase some of what we think are autumn essentials!


Your jackets have probably just been sitting in the back of your wardrobe over the summer months, there is never a good enough excuse why you shouldn’t treat yourself to a new jacket. With the British weather being as unpredictable as it has famously been we’ve selected two choices of jackets, just so you’re covered for anything. The Pretty Green Abbeycroft Hooded Jacket is an excellent choice for a bigger style of jacket for those cold days. Pretty Green is one of the biggest and best brands out there at the moment, and you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for that on trend look! For a lighter style of jacket we’ve chosen a Scooter Jacket by Fred Perry, easy to carry, lightweight and incredibly fashionable! With the re-surge of 90’s fashion lately these designs of jackets are everywhere at the moment.

Jumpers & T-Shirts

Jumpers are stylish any time of the year, but when the weather is taking a turn you’ll want something that will keep you warm, but still be bang on trend. Threadbare’s Brussels Zip Neck Jumper is one of our favourite designs, and is an excellent choice for autumn attire. No matter what season it is a t-shirt is always an essential in any outfit! The exceptional choices of t-shirt we have available at Jon Barrie are what really make or break an outfit. With it being an autumn outfit we’ve chosen darker colours, rather than the brighter ones you’re used to wearing through summer. One of the latest designs from Pretty Green, their aptly named ‘Live Forever’ t-shirt, and an offering from Merc London are our two choices. Try accompanying them with some dark jeans and lightweight jacket for that perfect on trend look.

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Sadly, it’s time to put the shorts back and grab yourself some new style of jeans for the colder months. Pretty Green seems to be everywhere at the moment, and it’s no exception when it comes down to denim, with their two choices of jeans at Jon Barrie being ideal for autumn and winter. Available in the 6 Month Wash Look and Burnage Rinse Wash the choice for which you prefer is down to you!

Shoes & Boots

The weather is undoubtedly about to get wetter, and if you believe the news, a lot of snow should be on its way towards the back end of autumn, so having the right footwear is key! You can not go wrong with a pair of converse boots, they go with every style of outfit you can think of! Their traditional black and white boots are easily one of the most popular choices of footwear around the globe, and an excellent choice for autumn attire. For something more sturdy try out the Base London Brocket Boots, the dark colouring, exceptional style and durability in the quality of leather used to make an exceptional choice for the autumn months.

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Finally, where would any outfit be without the accessories to accompany it? Tartan is massive at the moment and with Fred Perry’s Tartan Scarf you will look the business. Pair it with darker coloured jeans and any jacket for the perfect match! Sunglasses are fashionable any time of year, and with the sun constantly being low enough to blind you wherever you go, they are one of the essentials for any outfit.

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