Converse: Possibly The World’s Most Iconic Shoe?

The star of the Converse brand has become instantly recognisable around the globe, and rightly so! Easily one of the most popular choice by many in footwear and has become a brand worn by every aspect of the social spectrum, no matter what your status, it’s hard not to fall in love with this make of shoe.

Behind The Brand

Established over a hundred years ago in 1908, as a rubber manufacturer it wasn’t until 1920 when they designed their first pair of shoes, which have clearly stood the test of time, the Chuck Taylors, named after the incredibly famous baseball star. Originally marketed as basketball
shoes and widely used in the NBA at the time. Thanks to the boom amongst teenager’s wearing them in 50’s Converse’s Chuck Taylors become much more than just a basketball shoe, morphing into a fashionable shoe around the world, from everything to skating shoes, to casual, to smart attire, as people started wearing them with skinny suits. The stone wash denim jeans and white converse become an iconic look and with the shoes being designed in both boot and low cut shoes they now appealed to a much wider audience. Other designs soon followed, such
as the now famous Break Point line, with the style hitting a niche in the skating market, due to their sturdy soles, comfort and durability of the material proved a massive hit.

The Designs

Converse have an incredibly diverse array of products to their name including shoes, clothing and accessories so it’s a given that a few famous names might lend their names to the brand. Varied materials from cloth to leather are now options when choosing converse and in
an array of colours right from pretty much luminous ones to bog standard white. Many limited editions of the traditional Chuck Taylors are on offer around the world now, boasting designs by the likes of Disney to Marvel and DC, and with prices going up in the hundreds for the chance to get your hands on a pair of the rarer designs, it’s easy to see why Converse are worth what they are. Possibly one of the more expensive limited edition designs around is when rap megastar Eminem too to designing pairs of ‘Bad Vs. Evil’ edition converse, which have been known to go for upwards of £200 easily on auction sites.

with Converse branching out and being available in literally every shoe size possible you can even buy your newborn a pair, which is both ridiculous and damn right cool at the same time. Sport apparel has become a hit in recent years, with many opting for their full tracksuits and branded t-shirts, which are a great choice for a casual t-shirt or gym attire. Basically the way things are going Converse can do no wrong with their designs, as they have become the most iconic shoe on the planet.

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