Behind The Iconic Brand Merc London

Merc London are possibly one of the most iconic British brands around the world, capturing the essence of the mod scene that came way back when in Britain. Following on from that they have become a fashion powerhouse being attached to recognisable styles and music legends, which helped catapult the brand to the height of popularity it has today. Always a favourite here at Jon Barrie, Merc London is one of the most respected brands we have available.

The Beginning… 60’s1427373726-37981200

The Merc London brand was the idea from owner, designer and creator Javid Alavi, withit’s roots stemming back to 1967. As the 60’s brought a new fashion revolution in Britain, with a colour and pattern explosion Carnaby Street in London was considered the hub of the new trends, which is where Alavi set up his clothing stall, selling his new Merc London brand. Towards the back end of the 60’s new styles and cultures were emerging thanks to the music scene. Mod culture became all the range, thanks to bands such as The Who & Small Faces, Alavi was quick to become a featured brand within mod culture, with his Merc London paisley shirts being a favourite with Small Faces, prompting and incredible surge in popularity.







As Merc was fortunate enough to be based in the epicenter of the fashion revolution on Carnaby Street new styles were quickly emerging, in the form of suedeheads and skinheads both favouring Merc’s on style trends. A boom in their dogtooth button suits, brogues and loafers happened, being favoured by the ‘suedeheads’, unlike the skinheads who favoured the now incredibly popular harrington jackets. With the mod revolution still very much in swing Merc London designed parkas were the choice of overcoat for millions around the UK. Thier presence in the music industry was becoming increasingly stronger towards the back end of the 70’s, with The Jam emerging as one of the biggest bands of the decade, favoriting the mod style of Merc London, but also many world-class ska bands such as Madness, The Specials and Bad Manners all opting for Merc’s designs.















With the brand already well established into the 80’s it wasn’t until the mid 90’s in which MercLondon received worldwide recognition, thanks to a little-known britpop band called Blur. Still sticking with the designs which made them so famous in previous decades Blur front-man Damon Albarn was regularly seen wearing patterned tee’s and lighter colour harrington jackets from Merc London, leading to a worldwide dominance in fashion for particular styles.


00’s & Now

Over the past decade Merc London has still been heavily involved within the music scene sponsoring many free gigs in the process. In 2008 they teamed up with Red Stripe to create Camden Crawl, a festival giving opportunity showcasing up and coming acts along with featuring already established acts. Owner Javid Alavi is still heavily involved with design concepts in his company, as they strive to continue bringing their iconic designs and style to the fashion industry.

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